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VIVRE Sandalwood


Wave goodbye to harsh, goopy hand sanitizers and hello to Vivre, the beauty-forward sanitizer designed to keep you stylishly safe on the go.

Our sandalwood scented hand sanitizer is calming, soothing properties that are great for all types of skin.

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Alcohol Content

The alcohol content is per CDC recommendation at 75% and scented with 2% EO dilution.

Product Features

Plus Minus 500 spritzes
Leak-proof container
Non-drip, fine mist spray that evenly distributes across hand
Portable with a sleek modern design that fits conveniently in your pocket or bag
Hydrating glycerin-based emollients that provide a
smooth, luxurious feel
FDA-approved Ethyl Alcohol Denat kills 99.99% of most common disease-causing germs